Chasing Golden Light

"There is nothing that fills my soul with more joy than golden light. When the sun breaks through the clouds, or filters through the sky, and wraps its loving arms around everything in its path, the world seems to come alive in its warm embrace. This is when the magic happens--but this magic shouldn't just be seen, it needs to be experienced. 

I have found so much joy in these golden-moment experiences that I can't keep them to myself. So here we are! You have stumbled on my small space where I want to share with you the beauty I am learning to see around me each and every day. Grab a good cup of tea, sit back, listen to my experience, then get out there and open your eyes to the golden light around you."

Hollie Macomber

Hollie is a photographer, designer and teacher. She loves to share her passion for light, photography, and tea, along with any recent musings through her blog. You are invited to follow her on another one of her loves -- Instagram