Through the Woods

Today's Cup of Tea: Emperor’s Cloud and Mist Green Tea

This morning was simply magical. A thin layer of fog gave everything a soft focus. As I rushed to work, I fretted, as I do many mornings, that I didn’t have time to stop and photograph the moment. Perhaps one day I will leave enough time to do so; however, I am not naturally a morning person and yet the barista life I am currently living has forced me up and out at hours I did not imagine physically possible. I honestly would love to become more of a morning person. (If you have any tips on how to make this a reality in my life, please share the knowledge!) 

Thankfully, today was fantastically beautiful at every moment. The early evening light once again cast a story-book-type glow over everything, and my walk through my favorite local MetroPark felt more like the beginning pathway of some fantastic adventure.