Today’s cup of tea: Iced Mint Tea

Perhaps tea isn’t the exact label for what I am drinking at the present moment, however, it is incredibly refreshing and noteworthy. This homemade “tea” is merely crushed mint leaves from the garden with a bit of lime in a tall glass of ice water. I dare add the label “tea” merely because there is no true “herbal peppermint tea”—they are two separate plants. Most of the time when one is sipping peppermint tea, they are actually enjoying one of the mint plants steeped as a tea. 

I am taking a short break from sharing my Iceland photos to share tonight’s golden hour. It was simply spectacular, and it has me convinced that the season is well into its transition into autumn. Today there was a distant coolness and clarity in the atmosphere that is different than summer, and the result created a stunning golden moment. 

Change—exactly what was needed to create a glorious moment… what a perfect illustration and a needed reminder in my life right now.