To the Sea

Today’s cup of tea: Old Town Berry by Flying Bird Botanicals 

Fruit tea, generally speaking, is not a personal favorite; however, this herbal blend is simply lovely.  Orange peel, elder berries, and spearmint are only a few of the yummy flavors blended into this organic, USA-grown tea. I recently received this tea in a care package from several friends back in the midwest. I felt so honored, so loved! Aren't friendships wonderful?

I love the sea. I love the warm sand, the calming rhythm of the waves, the fresh taste of salt in the air. Since my arrival in southern California, I have made several trips to the seaside. I am perfectly content with walking along the beach, watching the colors and light bounce off the water and change with the wind. It's mesmerizing. It's time well spent. The only thing that would make it even better is a friend to share it with. 

And, of coarse, a good cup of tea. 

Come on, let's go to the sea! 

Iceland: Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

Today’s cup of tea: Rev Up Wellness Tea, Teavana

This “wellness tea” is a blend of green and black teas, with fruit bits for a sweetener. It is high in caffeine to give a great morning kick; however, I believe I’ll stick to a classic green tea for my morning routine. I picked up this tea during my last Teavana run—and I have to say, I believe it will be my very last in supporting that store. Now that my stint at the famed coffee chain that owns Teavana as come to an end, I believe I will take make a conscious effort to only support local in my tea endeavors. (I am sure I will speak more on this in future posts). 

“Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost” —J. R. R. Tolkien. Nothing more can describe our second day in in Iceland. Hours of driving in search of the perfect hike gave way to a spectacular overview of terrain and changing light throughout our day. 

Our hike took us thorough the geo-thermal area of Hengill, near Lake Meðalfellsvatn. Every half-hour the light and weather changed, keeping us moving and soaking in every new sight.