Family Portrait Session: Lindsay & Anneke

Today’s cup of tea: Mexican Hot Chocolate

Clearly, this is not tea, but today was freezing--basically the first freezing day of this season--and I was craving something a bit more substantial than tea. Mexican hot chocolate with almond milk, with its little bit of kick definitely hit the spot. 

The cold didn't stop us from taking a few portraits! Lindsay wanted a few updated photos with her mom, Anneke, who is visiting from the Holland! We had a wonderful time drinking tea, taking photos, and comparing notes about family, love, and life! 

Portrait Session: Zack

Today’s cup of tea: Earl Grey de la Creme, Essencha Tea House

This tea is, by far, my very favorite. This tea has celebrated with me in the highs and comforted during the lows. The vanilla cream mixed with the classic Earl Grey makes this black tea so naturally sweet and light that there is no need for added cream or sugar. 

On to this particular portrait session--which I must admit, has been my very favorite senior portrait session. Let me clarify: I have been taking pictures of my baby brother his entire life, but this time it actually marks a significant milestone!