A Walk in the Snow

A Walk in the Snow

A cup of one of my favorite flavored black teas is the perfect way to warm up after a chilly afternoon of meandering through the meadows dusted with a bit of Christmas snow. The view was fairly magical.

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Today’s cup of tea: DeTox by Yogi Tea

Time to begin again. Let's drink to a fresh start. 

The past eight months have brought a variety of changes to my world, which also requires a change to this space. Presently, my time is almost completely dedicated to navigating the world of education as a first year, full time middle school teacher. Any aspirations to make a career with my photography (more specifically taking on new clients for portraits or weddings) is currently on hold. My love for exploring my world through my camera, my love for good tea, and most importantly--my love for golden light--has not changed; in fact, my obsession with these three things continue to grow. And so, here we begin again! I'd love to have you join me in chasing golden light with a good cup of tea! 

    Much love.


To the Sea

Today’s cup of tea: Old Town Berry by Flying Bird Botanicals 

Fruit tea, generally speaking, is not a personal favorite; however, this herbal blend is simply lovely.  Orange peel, elder berries, and spearmint are only a few of the yummy flavors blended into this organic, USA-grown tea. I recently received this tea in a care package from several friends back in the midwest. I felt so honored, so loved! Aren't friendships wonderful?

I love the sea. I love the warm sand, the calming rhythm of the waves, the fresh taste of salt in the air. Since my arrival in southern California, I have made several trips to the seaside. I am perfectly content with walking along the beach, watching the colors and light bounce off the water and change with the wind. It's mesmerizing. It's time well spent. The only thing that would make it even better is a friend to share it with. 

And, of coarse, a good cup of tea. 

Come on, let's go to the sea!