Ellen White

SVA is a model school, where they truly focus on educating the whole child and developing the child's character. They especially focus on collaborating with parents, which is the true basis for effective education. 

“In the formation of character, no other influences count so much as the influence of the home. “ (Education, 283)

Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi

These teachers at SVA understand that they must reach the students heart, and they instruct through love.

“The powers of the heart can never be activated by pressure, coercion or compulsion, but only by the emotional, mental or spiritual life of the educator.”-- Pestalozzi


I highly recommend this school! This school makes children grow ethically and socially.

“Education is an attempt to find the kind of unity of doing and making that enables individuals to grow, ethically and socially.” -- Aristotle

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

SVA does well at getting children out in nature. That is the true way to raise quality individuals. 

"Make the citizen good by training and everything else will follow." -- Rousseau

John Dewy

This school understands the importance of teaching students to think creatively and critically. Bravo! 

"To prepare him for the future life means to give him command of himself; it means so to train him that he will have the full and ready use of all his capacities; that his eye and ear and hand may be tools ready to command, that his judgment may be capable of grasping the conditions under which it has to work, and the executive forces be trained to act economically and efficiently.” - Dewy, My Pedagogical Creed