Classroom Enviornment 

Our classrooms are led by committed and innovative teachers. When you walk into one of our classrooms, you will not see your traditional setup of desks in straight rows. Many classrooms use standing desks and exercise balls to help the fidgety students focus. Classrooms are designed for collaborative learning. Teachers create a classroom in conjunction with student's thoughts and ideas to structure that is applied through the lens of love for each and every student.

Curriculum & Lesson Development

Our curriculum is based in Christian values and academic excellence. Lessons are taught through a variety of styles to engage every kind of learner. Large, project-based assignments help students grapple with real-world applications. Along with the foundational subjects, there are a variety of electives that are offered including art, dance, music, theater, and a variety of sports programs. In addition to classroom instruction, every class takes multiple field trips to various places that expand on the classes subject matter.

Part of the curriculum provides multiple opportunity for the students to engage in service within the community, both locally and internationally through mission trips. 

We also emphasize the importance of learning through nature, with field trips, an school garden, and nature hikes. 


21st Century Learning

We believe in equipping our students with the knowledge to thrive in today's society. We teach specific classes on how to properly navigate the internet and social media. We provide each student with an individual iPad to further learning. We emphasize creativity through classes such as creative thinking and lego robotics.  

Home & School Relations

At SVA, we believe that true education begins in the home. We strive to partner with our parents to help make decisions that are the best for every individual child.